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Sunday, 3 February 2013

Toum - Lebanese Garlic paste

A nearby hotel Zaitoon is our one stop place, if we have to order home, as we all love their grilled chicken and the white sauce it accompanies along with the pita bread!! It was all along called as white sauce but from now on it shall be called as "Toum". I just happened to go through their home delivery menu card and came across this word Toum and hummus. I knew what was hummus but to confirm Toum got on the net to search the  image and the recipe. The first recipe i read was from the blogger Fouad who happened to use a food processor to prepare toum. I don't have one but had an electric hand mixer/blender so started to refine my search and came again on Fouad's blog. Over there i was reading the comment section and stumbled upon Vibey from She had given a more easier version which i wanted to try first. I got up at 00:05 (yes you read it right when India sleeps i was up like a vampire !! )and tried it out, surprisingly with my hubby (didn't wake him up, as he has always been a vampire!! ) also giving a helping hand (sometimes unexpected things happen and one must enjoy the moment cos you never know when that moment will occur again, i mean hubby helping :-)). 

(Recipe source : Vibey @

Garlic - 5-6 Cloves
Egg white - 1
Vegetable oil - 1 cup (saffola, canola, i used gold winner sunflower oil)
salt - 1 tsp 
water - 2 tbsp
lemon juice - 1 tbsp


Peel the garlic cloves. Smash it well using a mortar and pestle or cut it using electric hand mixer. Remove the white of the egg from the yolk using an egg yolk separator or the method i followed (given below). In a deep bowl place the garlic, egg white, oil, salt, water, and lemon juice. With the hand mixer (electric) resting at the bottom of the bowl, switch on at low speed. Mine does not have speed adjustments, so switched it on for a second (You will see the egg white becoming frothy). Then with mixer resting at the bottom, press the button for the mixture to emulsify. When it is nice and fluffy,raise the hand mixer and blend for 2 minutes for the mixture to emulsify well and your toum is ready. Transfer it to an air tight container, give it a good whisk and enjoy !

To separate the egg white and yolk:

Break the egg on to a flat plate or a flat bottomed bowl. When you break the egg, just ensure that the egg white is not runny. Mine was runny i mean it did not stick around the yolk and was not gelatinous (So used it for my hubby's dinner on dosa). Next I broke another egg and the white was sticking around the yolk,this confirms that the egg is fresh. Now take a plastic water bottle/ coke pet bottle, place it on top of the yolk, give a little squeeze to the bottle, this will act like a suction and the yolk will be sucked up, immediately turn the bottle and squeeze out the yolk out on another bowl or plate. So quick and easy. If you are finding it a problem to follow the steps, just follow this link

Do try it out and let me know how it came out !! 

Happy Blending!

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